8 Remedies Of Grandmothers To Cure Sunburn

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There are many people who want to get tanning, which is why they try to visit the beaches around the world. However, the acquisition of tanning when one is extremely exposed to the sun can only cause sunburn, especially if they forget to apply the sun lotion before sun exposure. From time to time, you meet people who like to tan their skin, but due to some weather disturbances, they cannot maintain their tan so that they try to sunbathe in lounges or spas for an expensive price. Why not try to turn sunburn into a tan Here are the most effective and simple remedies that can help you eliminate tanning, sunburn, and skin rashes from the sun. These home remedies also help to remove dark spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin that is caused by sun exposure. You can apply these natural packages to any affected area of your skin to get rid of the suntan and get the original color and glow back.

Natural Packages To Get Rid Of Tanning And Shots Of Soleilaloe Vera

The foliar pulp of this succulent plant is considered the ultimate care product, whether or not the skin is damaged. It feels fresh on the skin and provides pain relief. Aloe Vera has been a popular remedy for any kind of burns even 2nd and 3rd degree it’s been a long time before cosmetic companies notice this magic plant. Being an excellent moisturizing cream, this colorless substance, like jelly will keep the skin hydrated, while the powerful phytochemicals in the gel do their magic to heal the skin.


Take a ripe leaf and remove the hard outer skin. Mix it to have a paste and apply generously to the affected area, taking care not to burst the blisters. Leave it as long as you can. Reapply frequently.

Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, can restore the skin’s pH level to normal and speed up the healing process.
What you need

  • Spray bottle (Spray)
  • Apple cider vinegar (optional)

What you have to do

  1. Fill a spray bottle with ACV and spray on the affected areas of your skin, allowing it to dry.
  2. If your skin is too sensitive, mix ACV with water in the 3/1 ratio before applying it to your skin.

This is the extended part of this method. Once the apple cider vinegar has completely dried, pour a few drops of pure coconut oil over the affected areas and rub gently. Wait at least half an hour to allow the oil to fully absorb.
How many times you should do this
Reapply on your skin every five hours for the best results.
Why it works
It contains acetic acid that soothes irritation and inflammation caused by sunburn. LCA reduces the incidence of blisters caused by sunburn. Usually, for a light to medium sunburn, you will get results overnight. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, the effect may vary.

Cucumber pulp and juice

Cucumber is an excellent natural product that helps to eliminate sunburn. Grate a cucumber and extract the juice. keep the juice in the refrigerator. Now crush the remaining cucumber. Mix the foul on soil with this cucumber paste and apply only on your burned skin as a mask. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with cold water. You will get benefits. Apply cucumber juice to your skin as astringent 2-3 times a day. You will get benefits. Daily use of cucumber helps to eliminate sunburn. It makes your skin soft and supple as well as clean.


Due to the extreme heat, our skin tends to lose its charm. Yogurt to the rescue! Yogurt helps to keep our skin fresh as well as in dehumidification.

Instructions: mix 1-2 tablespoons of gram flour (helps to remove dead skin) with yogurt and 1 teaspoon of turmeric (which helps to remove stains in general and dark spots). Apply this package to your face, hands, and legs and wash it with cold water after 10-15 minutes.
For best results: Use daily to see results in 10 – 15 days, depending on the intensity of your tan.

Mint leaves and rose water

How to use
Grind a handful of mint leaves to see a smooth paste, add 6 to 7 drops of rose water and mix well. Apply this package to your face and neck. Keep this package for about 15 minutes and rinse it with cold water. You can also use this package on your hands and legs to get rid of the tan.
Mint leaves soften sun-burnt skin and provide an instant cooling sensation. These leaves reduce inflammation and redness of the skin and promote healing. Rosewater contains astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation of the skin and the burning sensation of the sun, protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, and improves the glow of the skin.

Package of pumpkin juice, cucumber, and rose water

It is one of the most effective homemade face masks for sun tanning removal that uses the kindness of cucumber and lemon two perfect natural whitening agents. Lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C and citric acid, both of which help to lighten skin tone and the natural solution to the question of how to keep skin clear. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the damage caused by free radicals and helps lighten tanning, age spots, and dark spots. But it is essential to use a sunscreen with high SPF when using a lemon remedy because the acidic nature of the juice can make the skin sensitive to the sun’s UV rays.

Cucumber juice and rose water act as cooling agents to soothe damaged skin. Take a tablespoon of cucumber juice, lemon juice, and rose water and mix in a bowl. Apply with cotton to the bronzed areas, wait 10 minutes, and wash with cold water. Apply this package every day after you get home from the sun.

Papaya & honey package

If you are looking for a fruity glow on your face or other body parts, then go get the homemade papaya remedies. As it is loaded with papain, vitamin A, and other enzymes, act as the best antioxidants for the skin. It is useful to remove dead skin and exfoliate your skin in a gentle and nourishing way.
Papaya can be combined with other ingredients to make face packs but to remove the suntan, blending honey and papaya is the best home-made treatment.


  • Papaya pulp – 1/2 tablespoon
  • Miel – 1 Tbsp


  • Take 1/2 cup papaya pulp in a bowl and mash in a smooth texture.
  • Now add 1 Tbsp. honey and mix well. Apply to tanned skin for 30 min.
  • Wash for revitalization and skin glow.

Natural oils

Make a mixture of natural oils by mixing 4 parts of sesame seed oil, a part of almond oil, and a part of olive oil. Apply this oil to your face for 20 minutes and wash it with a mild soap. This will improve your complexion.

Are you looking for ways to regain your natural skin by removing sun tanning?

Then you can apply one of the above homemade methods for a few days to get the perfect result. Try different methods to find out which ones give you the best results in a short period of time