8 amazing uses of Coca-Cola.

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If you still think Coca-Cola is just a refreshing drink, this is the tip for you.

Here are 15 clever Coke Usage, which few people know and still are very useful.

As a stripper, to clean the can or as a detergent…

Here are 15 reasons to use Coke more for home care and cleaning, rather than dehydration. We don’t want to drink after seeing this…

1. Against grease stains on clothing

Coca-Cola is a strong detergent to remove the dirty grease stains on the clothes, as it may sound surprising. Here’s the whole number.

2.To clean your bumper

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Coke is a miracle stripper. Nothing like cleaning a metal bumper.

3. Against mosquitoes

in 30 seconds, you’ve made a very effective mosquito and mosquito trap.

4. Against jellyfish

We’re usually advised to pour vinegar into the jellyfish sting. But finding a Coke on the beach is usually easier than a circus.

5.To remove a rusty bolt

Is the rusty screw and nut together? There’s no need to force it. Easily loosen with the lever.

6.To clean toilets

Yeah, it’s good for your Coke. It’s a really economical product to descale.

7.To relieve the headache

Headache, hangover… A glass of Coke might help you.

It’s one of the few times you’re advised to drink Coke.

8.To get rid of the rats

Decorate the rodents with a Coke. It’s a smart trap to take them out.