What happens when you mix Vaseline with toothpaste

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What happens when you mix Vaseline with toothpaste

Toothpaste has beneficial properties for skin, it contains some bleach, as well as vaseline, it is used in many natural skin recipes, but you should be careful when using them.

Toothpaste is capable of whitening your skin, removing tans and blackening from it, making it white, while Vaseline gives some hydration to your skin, but when used in a quantity suitable for your skin, baking powder increases your skin whitening and exfoliates the skin from the accumulated dead skin.
Before doing this blend, it is preferable to test for allergies on part of the skin of your hands and if you do not find redness, continue with the recipe. Toothpaste may not fit sensitive skin, and vasylum may increase oily skin fat.


  • Quarter teaspoon medical vaseline
  • Small Baking Powder Workshop
  • Quarter of a spoon or less of toothpaste
  • Method of preparation:

Blend all the preceding ingredients well, then lay them on the skin of your hands or face after making sure you don’t feel allergic, using a soft toothbrush rub them gently over the skin for 2 minutes, then wipe the mixture with a clean cotton.

You can also repeat this mix twice a week. For best results