Mushroom and Spinach Quesadillas. Mexican Recipe

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Quesadillas are one of the true classics of Mexican home cooking. There are thousands of versions and the ways of preparing them are varied. To propose a delicious option to vegetarians, and not only them, but we also share this recipe of mushroom and spinach quesadillas very simple to prepare.


  • +10 Tortillas made of flour
  • +4 large fresh mushrooms
  • +250g Mozzarella Cheese
  • +150g of fresh spinach
  • +30ml of vegetable oil
  • +Salt and ground black pepper

Step by step method

Step 1:
Slice the mozzarella cheese

Step 2:
Wash the mushrooms with a paper napkin (without water), peel and cut into thin slices.

Step 3:
Wash the spinach leaves with water, remove the stem and cut into sheets.

Step 4:
Heat in a pan a tablespoon of olive oil. Add the mushrooms and sliced spinach. Season with salt and black pepper. Skip them for about five minutes by stirring them regularly.

Step 5:
In a large skillet, previously greased with vegetable oil, place a flour tortilla on which we add a couple of tablespoons of the mixture of mushrooms with spinach and some slices of cheese.

Step 6:
Cover with another tortilla and leave in the low fire for about three minutes. Turn the quesadilla to brown the other part for another three minutes.